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To make your travels into and out of MGM quick, easy and pleasant, we’ve provided a high performance team dedicated to providing the highest level of professional service. Both the MGM staff and our Board of Directors are always working to improve your experience at the Montgomery Regional Airport.

Board & Staff


MGM 2020 Board Member Appointments

Executive Committee
Robert Gould, CPA, CFE,  Chairperson
Tamara Knight-Fleming, Vice Chairperson
Conwell Hooper, Secretary/Treasurer

Finance & Administration Committee
Barrie H. Harmon III, Chairperson
Tamara Knight-Fleming
Chester Mallory

General Aviation Committee
Tamara Knight-Fleming, Chairperson
Larry Dixon
Barrie H. Harmon III
Jerry Kyser

Marketing & Air Service Development Committee
Conwell Hooper, Chairperson
Tamara Knight-Fleming
Jerry Kyser
Sandra Nickel

Economic Development Committee
Jerry Kyser, Chairperson
Deborah Nickson
Tamara Knight-Fleming
Conwell Hooper

MGM Senior Staff
Marshall J. Taggart Jr. , C.M. Executive Airport Director
Jennifer Thrasher, Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Mack McGill, Chief, Safety/Security, Operations, and Information Technology
Mark Wnuk, Acting Director, Commercial Development
Sharon Ekonen, Acting Director, Finance & Administration
Travis Green, Acting Lt., Safety/Security and Operations
Vacant, Parking Manager
Bryan Farquhar, Acting IT Manager
Anthony Robinson, Acting Terminal Supervisor
Alfred Smith, Airfield Maintenance Supervisor

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